Complete Guide to Choosing a Bed Frame in Singapore

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Complete Guide to Choosing a Bed Frame in Singapore

Complete Guide to Choosing a Bed Frame in Singapore


Complete Guide to Choosing a Bed Frame in Singapore

23 Nov 2022

Although the mattress is frequently given priority when it comes to providing comfort for your sleep, the bed frame should not be overlooked when considering good sleep habits. When outfitting your bedroom, use a robust, functional bed frame. It gives you the best comfort and aesthetics in your private haven of a bedroom by acting as a strong support structure for your mattress.

Various materials, dimensions, and combinations are available for bed frames. Making the best choice for your requirements and preferences can occasionally be daunting with all the things to take into account. However, you can absolutely make a wise purchase with a few pointers and study. Read on to find out! 

When should your bed frame be replaced?

When should your bed frame be replaced

Your bed frame puts in the most effort in your bedroom. You spend the most of your time relaxing and resting here. If you have children, add playing and leaping. These elements make this piece of furniture more prone to deterioration. Your bed frame is a substantial investment in your house, so it's crucial that it fulfils its function of providing you with the right support and comfort. It's time to replace your bed frame with a more effective one if it starts to creak or offers insufficient support. When deciding whether to upgrade your bed frame, take into account following indicators:

  • Despite having a comfy mattress, you don't feel at ease.

  • Too much noise comes from the bed frame, particularly if you shift.

  • You see any twisted or loose pieces.

  • You have clear damage that puts you in danger.

  • During rest, you don't feel completely supported.

  • Instead of feeling refreshed, you wake up feeling worn out.

What kinds of bed frames are there?

There are many different types of bed frames on the market, just like any other piece of furniture in your house. Your taste for quality and style will influence the one you choose to purchase.

Upholstered bed frame

Because of its comfort, padded bed frames are becoming more and more popular. They have a large, cushioned headboard, a sturdy foundation, and padded sides. Authentic leather, imitation leather, and fabric are just a few of the materials used to make upholstered bed frames. They come in a variety of colours and designs as well.


  • Bed frames with upholstery are quite cosy.

  • There are several colour schemes and materials available for upholstered bed frames.

  • Your bedroom looks more appealing with bed frames that have upholstery.


  • Upholstered frames may require extra upkeep and maintenance. 

Available in 3 colour options, the Aida Bed Frame is made of high-quality materials and solid wood legs. In general, upholstered bed frames like this one are more comfortable than their conventional wooden counterparts since they include a cushioned covering. Pick from 4 sizes: Single, Super Single, Queen and King! 

Aida Bed Frame

Wooden bed frame

Wooden bed frames come in a variety of designs for our homes, from traditional to contemporary. These well-liked appliances are quite robust and fashionable. You may choose a bed frame in a wooden variant that complements any room style. Wooden bed frames provide an inherent beauty, cosiness, and durability.


  • Wooden bed frames have a rustic charm and elegance. 

  • Wooden bed frames are quite sturdy, and don’t require much upkeep.

  • Generally better for the environment. 


  • May be quite heavy. 

  • May be prone to dust mites if not well cared for. 

  • Solid, natural wooden bed frames are much more expensive. 

Available in a beautiful Mobila Brown shade, this Simone Bed Frame is an essential for contemporary homes. Since you simply need to dust them sometimes and don't have to put much time or effort into it, they are simple to maintain. Additionally, they don't sustain damage as quickly as other kinds of frames do, allowing you to relax without fretting over costly repairs.

Simone Bed Frame

Metal bed frame

Metal bed frames are available in a wide range of designs, much like wooden bed frames, making them ideal for whatever interior concept you wish to accomplish. Metal bed frames are renowned for being strong and long-lasting. A metal bed frame might be your best option if you want to create a conventional, modern, trendy, or industrial style.


  • Metal frames come in a variety of patterns and styles. 

  • Metal is a relatively durable material that is easy to maintain. 

  • Insects and dust mites are not affected by metal. 


  • Metal bed frames sometimes make creaky, unsettling noises. 

  • For those who live in areas with high temperatures, metal bed frames may retain heat. 

This Cozy Queen Metal Bed Frame is a timeless classic, well-loved by shoppers for its durability and easy maintenance. Metal beds are still as lovely as they were when they were initially purchased, unlike other beds that lose their attractiveness with time. A metal bed will look fantastic whether you want it to have a contemporary or historical charm. Built to last, add a hint of elegance to any space with this affordable and versatile bed frame!

Cozy Queen Metal Bed Frame

Storage bed frame

The best beds for saving space are those with storage. Storage beds with hydraulic lift systems provide plenty of under-bed storage room for additional bedding, clothing, and other necessities that you wish to keep hidden.


  • Storage bed frames are excellent for saving space, especially in smaller homes. 

  • Storage bed frames provide a cleaner look as everything can be kept easily. 

  • Storage bed frames come in a plethora of colours, materials and variations, so it’s easy to find something you like. 


  • Some storage bed frames may be produced with dust-attracting fabric, thus requiring regular upkeep. 

Check out the A66 Storage Bedset, which has a sturdy foundation and a high-quality bed frame. Choose from the Storage Bed Frame or the Divan Bed Frame. The storage frame has a customizable interior 12" box. The package includes a 10" Dreams Intimo mattress with memory foam for greater sleep and a knitted bamboo fiber top for improved air circulation.

A66 Storage Bedset _1_

Choosing an appropriate size for the bed frame

To ensure accuracy, take two measurements of the area around your bed. Make sure to take into account the size of your mattress, the arrangement of the room, the other furniture in your house, and the traffic allowed when choosing the size of your bed frame. Most essential, take into account how easy it will be for you to move around, especially if you share a mattress with your family.

1. Single bed frames 

Suitable for: Children and adults who are single should use single bed frames. suitable for small bedrooms and home offices.

2. Super single bed frames 

Suitable for: Super single bed frames are ideal for children and single individuals who need extra space, but do not require a big queen-sized bed. 

3. Queen sized bed frames 

Suitable for: The best bed frames for shared bedrooms still focus on space-saving are queen size ones. Make sure there is enough room for two persons.

4. King sized bed frames 

King-size beds are ideal for master bedrooms and family bedrooms. There is adequate room in a king size bed for two adults and a child.

Proper height is important

Your preferred level of comfort will determine the appropriate bed frame height. A platform bed can be the best option if you desire a bed frame with a low profile. Due to the added support, box springs and certain fabric bed frames are comparatively higher. Those who have mobility challenges should use taller bed frames.

Concluding words

Shopping for a new bed frame seems easy, until you get lost in the varieties available. Understanding your own sleeping needs and the traits of an excellent bed frame is helping in picking one that will last for long. 

Invest in high-quality bed frames, with extra support and excellent craftsmanship. Shop on Sweet Dreams Furniture today!

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