Guide to Buying a Pocket Spring Mattress in Singapore

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Guide to Buying a Pocket Spring Mattress in Singapore

Guide to Buying a Pocket Spring Mattress in Singapore


Guide to Buying a Pocket Spring Mattress in Singapore

10 Jan 2023

It may be difficult to purchase a new mattress, particularly if it has been five to 10 years since your last purchase. 

Despite the vast array of options provided by mattress businesses, selecting the ideal mattress ultimately comes down to your unique requirements and comfort preferences. Due to their distinctive construction and adaptable responsiveness to motions, pocketed spring mattresses are a popular option for shared areas. Learn more about this adaptable mattress by reading on.

A pocketed spring mattress: what is it?

A pocketed spring mattress what is it

There are springs in many beds, but not all spring mattresses are created equal. Mattresses with pocketed springs offer the adaptable functionality of springs built inside unique fabric pouches or pockets. This separate construction allows each spring to move differently in response to pressure, providing you with a custom-fit shape and support.

Particularly if you sleep in the same bed, a pocket spring bed prevents excessive bouncing and disruption by not causing as much motion overall. This implies that if you and your spouse share a mattress, the other won't be bothered by the bothersome motion transfer whenever one tosses and turns. Additionally, it improves body shape and balances weight as you sleep, relieving strain on achy parts of your body.

What Advantages Do Pocket Springs Offer?

No Motion Transfer Anymore

No Motion Transfer Anymore

When a person is tossing and turning while they are sleeping, there is a movement that is transmitted from one area of the mattress to another. While people who sleep alone may not be much affected, those who sleep with spouses or children—especially light sleepers—are significantly disturbed by this motion transfer. Pocket spring mattresses lessen the annoying transmission and distribution losses that are common in other mattresses. This is a result of the independently moving, separately pocketed springs.

Greatly reduced pressure

A pocketed spring mattress is the go-to choice for pressure reduction. Your body may sink into this mattress, which relieves strain on your muscles and spine. Additionally, it offers the ideal hardness to relieve bodily aches.

Excellent for those who have back problems

Excellent for those who have back problems

High-end mattresses with pocketed springs are regarded as being those that consistently support your body, including the position of your spine naturally. Even people with back trouble should choose a pocketed spring mattress because of its uniformity and responsiveness. But in addition to a mattress's responsiveness, it's crucial to take into account a mattress' hardness and the existence of comfort layers.

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Gausmann’s Brunhild 12” Spinal Comfort Care Cooling Mattress is the mattress for superior comfort and durability. Equipped with Soothing Airflow Natural Latex, 7 Zones Pocket Spring System, and 1.3°C COOLER® Fabric Cover, this mattress is bound to bring you the best of sleep like never before. 

Adaptable to All Sleep Positions

In addition, a pocketed spring is adaptable enough to take care of your body whether you want to lie on your back, sides, belly, or maybe even a mix of all three.

Provides Movement Ease

It could be difficult to switch positions if you often toss and turn while you sleep, particularly if your mattress isn't very flexible. Mattresses with pocket springs have the advantage of being designed to conform to individual motions.

What qualities should a pocketed spring mattress have?

Height of a Mattress

It's crucial to consider a pocketed spring mattress' height while purchasing one. A mattress that is taller or thicker has much more layers, making it sturdier and more flexible.


Speaking of adaptability, you should look for a mattress that can mold to your body and instantly return to its original shape. An ergonomic method for improving the quality of your sleep is a pocket spring bed with memory foam sheets that conform nicely to your body's natural shape.


Retailers of mattresses use a scale to categorize mattress firmness: soft, medium soft, medium firm, firm, and extremely firm. Your body mass, preferred level of relaxation, and sleeping posture all influence how firm your mattress should be. Remember to combine the mattress' shape, comfort, and support while deciding on the appropriate hardness.


Because there are gaps between the foam layers in spring mattresses, they are recognized for being breathable. To enhance the quality of your sleep, certain pocketed spring mattresses have breathable covers and extra cooling layers.

Hygiene Qualities

To ensure a secure and uninterrupted night's sleep, your mattress must also have anti-dust mite, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and hypoallergenic qualities in addition to being comfortable and breathable.

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Opt for this Revor Royal Ecolatex 10” Optimal Spine Care Cooling Mattress! Another featured favourite from the Belgium brand, this high-comfort cooling mattress features a natural latex top layer, imported luxury ice cold fabric to reduce body heat, and multiple types of synthetic foam. Sleep with stronger support and enjoy optimal spine care today! 

Concluding Words

A pocketed spring mattress is genuinely cozy, strong, and flexible. For people who value a comfortable night's sleep that is lightweight and airy, this mattress model is a jewel. If you want your mattresses to remain in good condition for a prolonged length of time, it is also a sound investment.

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