3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Storage Bed in Singapore

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3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Storage Bed in Singapore

3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Storage Bed in Singapore


3 Easy Ways To Maintain Your Storage Bed in Singapore

19 Jan 2023

If your bedroom is too small to install shelves or drawers to keep your possessions, having a soft, comfortable bed that also serves as storage space is a great idea. There are several options available, including storage bed frames with side drawers and even ones with hydraulic lift systems.

Regardless of the style of storage bed you select, they always have the same maintenance requirement: constant cleaning. Over time, bed frames can gather dust and other types of grime, particularly if you haven't had much occasion to clean them. Due to their numerous compartments, storage beds could require a bit more cleaning work.

However, keeping them well-maintained doesn't require expensive cleaning supplies. Let's go through some quick fixes for maintaining your storage bed.

1. Frequently clean the bed frame's exteriors

Frequently clean the bed frame's exteriors

To begin with, clean out any dust that has accumulated on your bed frame. Remember not to finish at the visible sections of your bed frame because the headboards and the backrest are often where the majority of the dust and filth are located. Eliminate as much dirt as you need to since it may rapidly annoy your nostrils, cause itching in your skin and eyes, and interfere with your ability to sleep.

Simply wipe the frame of your storage bed with a high-quality microfiber cloth. To avoid the chance of mold or mildew forming on your mattress, make sure your sponges or rag are dry.

If you have asthma, getting rid of the dust in your bedroom will help you feel more at ease in bed by preventing the urge to sneeze frequently. You may simply add this strategy to your weekly cleaning schedule and it can be a useful practice.

2. Maintain interior organization and cleanliness

Maintain interior organization and cleanliness

You should go the extra mile to clean the interior storage spaces, just like you do with your outside bed frame. For this procedure, all you need is a towel, warm water, and mild liquid soap to clean the panels.

When cleaning your bed frames, ventilation is essential to preventing the formation of germs or allergens. To avoid forcing harm to your storage bed frame, you should also clean lightly. Before restoring your items and sealing the storage compartment, it must be entirely dry once you are certain that it has been thoroughly cleaned.

In addition to keeping your storage bed clean, how you arrange your belongings is important. By organizing your possessions, you can maintain the condition of your storage area and make cleaning easier because you won't have to dump it all into one jumbled heap. Having a clutter-free bedroom will improve your sleep quality since clutter encourages dust to accumulate more.

3. Use a mattress that is appropriate for your frame

Use a mattress that is appropriate for your frame

A mattress that is too large for your storage bed frame may eventually cause harm to it since your body weight may not be evenly distributed as you rest. If your bed is not properly supported, you may potentially harm it and make it droop, which would keep you from sleeping peacefully.

A collapse might also result from a mattress that is excessively big or hefty for your frame. To prevent potential damage, it is wise to make certain that it doesn't exceed the maximum weight of the bed frame. Keep in mind to account for the weight of both your body and any bedding you may use. 

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Concluding words

Although they may be heavier than regular bed frames, storage beds may be a terrific complement to your room and let cleaning feel effortless. You also won't have any trouble preserving and keeping it clean. With our simple advice, you'll get the most use out of your storage bed and maintain its outstanding condition for a very long time.

Keep your area spotless while giving yourself a comfortable place to sleep. Shop from a variety of sturdy bed frames and comfy mattresses available at Sweet Dreams Furniture, including premium innerspring mattresses, latex beds, and cooling mattresses, to mention a few. Each type has a varied weight and accommodates various sleeping preferences.

If you're considering improving the look of your space while providing new functions, you'll appreciate having a storage bed in your home.

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